Love Lies Bleeding is a film that won’t be for everyone, but for those seeking a wild ride, it delivers. Directed by the visionary Rose Glass (Saint Maude), the movie is a dark and gritty neo-noir with a unique blend of romance, violence, and suspense.

The film hinges on the phenomenal performances of its two leads. Kristen Stewart shines as Lou, a gym manager trapped in a dead-end life. Her portrayal is one of simmering intensity, perfectly capturing Lou’s yearning for escape. Opposite her is newcomer Katy O’Brian, who delivers a breakout performance as Jackie, an ambitious bodybuilder with a single-minded focus on competition. The chemistry between Stewart and O’Brian is undeniable, making their love story both passionate and unsettling.

Stylish Execution

Glass’s direction is masterful. The film is drenched in a neon-soaked 80s aesthetic that perfectly complements the story’s seedy underbelly. The cinematography is sharp and stylish, with creative use of angles and close-ups that heighten the film’s tension.

A Story That Punches

The plot is a rollercoaster, full of unexpected twists and turns. While the pacing can be a bit uneven at times, especially in the final act, the film never lets go of its grip. Be prepared for violence, as the story takes a dark turn and explores the destructive nature of obsession.

Not for the Faint of Heart

Love Lies Bleeding is a film that will stay with you long after the credits roll. It’s a challenging watch, but one that is ultimately rewarding for those who appreciate bold filmmaking and complex characters. However, if you’re squeamish about violence or are looking for a traditional love story, this might not be the film for you.


Love Lies Bleeding is a dark and disturbing film, but it’s also a compelling one. With its strong performances, stylish execution, and thought-provoking themes, it’s a must-see for fans of unconventional thrillers.