The highly-publicized defamation case brought by Bruce Lehrmann against Network Ten and journalist Lisa Wilkinson has been delayed due to the emergence of new evidence.

Lehrmann, a former political staffer, is suing the media outlet and journalist over their reporting of an alleged sexual assault in Parliament House in 2019. Lehrmann has consistently denied the allegations.

The criminal trial against Lehrmann was aborted in late 2022 due to juror misconduct. The defamation case concluded in December 2023, with a judgement expected on April 4, 2024.

However, the judgement has been delayed due to the introduction of new evidence. The emergence of this new evidence relates to Seven’s negotiation to get Lehrmann on the Spotlight program. This evidence reportedly alleges that Lehrmann may have leaked confidential information provided to him as part of his ACT criminal trial to Channel Seven in breach of requirements that he not do so.

The nature of the alleged communications and their potential relevance to the defamation case are under investigation by the court.

The Lehrmann case has attracted significant public attention in Australia. The allegations, the aborted criminal trial, and the ongoing defamation case have all been highly publicized.

The court will now test the new evidence and its relevance to the defamation case. This process is likely to cause a delay in the final judgement.